When we face a chronic illness too often, we rush in and try to accomplish everything in our own power. We manage this. We plan that. We listen to friend A or to family member B. We may hear different recommendations from our healing team, that is the doctors, ministers, and caregivers. We need to… Continue reading Hearing


A normal feeling for one facing a chronic illness is fear. The unknown and uncertainty are scary. The very word cancer often has death or at least its possibility confronting us.  If it is rheumatoid arthritis you picture pain and decreased mobility or use of joints. Today’s Scripture reminds us that God is with us.… Continue reading Fear


The Bible does not flatter us with the false hope that goodness will secure us from trouble. Instead, the Bible warns us over and over to expect tribulation while we are in this body. Our afflictions come from all directions and at any time. The challenges are many but with Jesus Christ, we can face… Continue reading Deliverance


Suffering a chronic illness affects people in different ways. Depression may come to live with some people. Results of depression’s visit can include bitterness and withdrawal from friends and family. For the Believer in Jesus Christ, it often mellows our heart to make us more compassionate. The chronic illness allows us empathy and often becomes… Continue reading Compassion


What do you when the doctor says you have cancer? What if your spouse is the one with the diagnosis of incurable? What if the future you had planned has just been erased? The answer is to keep believing and trusting in God. Today’s Bible Verse: Romans 8:31b (KJV), “… If God be for us,… Continue reading Attitude