When we or our loved one faces a chronic or serious illness, we need the Lord’s helper. We also need the courage to face the next hour and the challenges of everyday living. With Christ, we can face each day without fear. We also need the courage to face the next hour and the challenges… Continue reading Helper


This was a hard verse to select. As I read and meditated on it, I thought “light affliction?” No way is fighting cancer or any chronic illness “light.” It has been terrible to face a never ending illness. I thought and prayed what could our family’s chronic illness be teaching us? How could any of this… Continue reading Affliction


Living with a chronic illness can leave you tired and weary. I talking about bone tired. I am talking about the type of tired that a vacation or even a sabbatical cannot cure. You may be like my wife. She’s battling Stage Four Melanoma. She’s tired. The juggling of the schedule to visit visit the… Continue reading Rest

You Have an Inheritance

Inheritance Learning to deal with a chronic illness includes apprehending you have an inheritance. When faced with a chronic disease you realize your normal has changed. You have the new normal of the daily medicines, therapy, and sometimes chemo. A once envisioned future evaporates. You wonder what the tomorrow holds. The good news is that… Continue reading You Have an Inheritance