8 Time 8.1 My Story “How long …” I asked the question doctors dread to hear. How long will my wife live? I spoke those words to the physician when my mother had her kidney transplant. I repeated the words when my wife had Melanoma surgery and had thirty-four lymph nodes removed because the disease… Continue reading Time


7 Laughter 7.1 My Story First, there is nothing funny about a spouse having a chronic or terminal illness. There certainly isn’t anything funny about caring for a loved one and all the nuisances involved with the daily routine. Over the years I had heard time and time again that opposites attract. My experience would… Continue reading Laughter


6 Hearing 6.1 My Story “I need your decision on starting radiation treatment. What have decided?” asked the surgical oncologist. “Not today. I just can’t make a decision today,” said my wife. It was apparent she was overwhelmed with everything. “Any delay could be life-threatening at the worst and life-shortening at the best. You need… Continue reading Hearing

God’s Deliverance

5 Deliverance 5.1 My Story My wife’s left arm had started swelling up. The wrist and hand also were puffed up and getting noticeably larger day by day. A surgical oncologist was called. An appointment was made with the managing oncologist. When I returned from work, my wife greeted with the news. She said, “I… Continue reading God’s Deliverance

Resting in the Lord

4 Resting in the Lord 4.1 My Story You may be like my late wife was when she was battling Stage Four Melanoma cancer. She found herself very tired. She needed rest. My daily caregiving also left me weary. Like my wife, I needed rest. The managing of my wife’s schedule took a skillset even… Continue reading Resting in the Lord

Tears Are Normal

3 Tears Are Normal 3.1 My Story “I removed the tumor. The tests also showed it has spread to her lymph nodes. I removed thirty-four of them,” said the surgical oncologist. I stared at her. She was slowly becoming out of focus as I became teary-eyed. I knew the initial diagnosis of Stage 3 Melanoma… Continue reading Tears Are Normal

How to be Strong and Courageous in the Lord

2 How to be Strong and Courageous in the Lord 2. 1 My Story One of the first thoughts I had when my wife received the diagnosis that she had stage three Melanoma was how am I going to care for her and love her unconditionally until she dies. I knew the Melanoma was going… Continue reading How to be Strong and Courageous in the Lord